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12 Storytellers x 9 Days

11th - 19th SEPTEMBER

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Stories from extreme landscapes



From snow clad mountain canopies to 1000-year old monasteries, this trans-himalayan region is one of the toughest and extreme habitats to survive and within it lies unheard, untold and unseen stories of change, history and sustainability. Spiti also known as the 'middle-land' lies in the north-eastern part of the Himalayan range between Tibet and India.

12 Storytellers x 9 Days

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gorgeous landscapes

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cosy homestays

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local tales

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Art & Social Enterprise

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life in extreme


cultural legacy


storytelling mentorship

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sustainable practices

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climate impact

From visiting art projects, villages and exchanging tales with local communities, this expedition is designed to discover & document the historical legacy, resilient cultures, climate leadership and sustainable innovations that has led to a positive impact and change in Spiti's eco-tourism model.

Meet experts, local storytellers and our documentary team towards collaborating for Untold Spiti - A short-film and photo story on the unknown side of this ever-changing landscape.

Coupled with in-house training and sessions designed to unlearn the art of storytelling via photography, filmmaking, visual art and short documentaries.

the journey


Settle in with fellow storytellers alongside whom you will spend the next 6 days learning, collaborating and exploring. 


A day to understand the storyboard, team roles and exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Spiti Valley


Discover local life, explore Kaza and meet local heroes


Understand Spiti Ecosphere's work in the space of developing sustainable practices and local collaborations


A day to explore the historical legacy of the region, visit monasteries & meet inspiring storytellers


We gather for brainstorms, post-production & evening frivolities


With heavy heart and a mindful of positive learnings, we depart for the chaos of city-life, where we carry forward the spirit of sustainability and collaboration, and take up the part of creating positive awareness about our pristine ecosystem and flourishing culture of co-existence.

From highlighting social issues to sustainable development of Spiti, this journey brings local storytellers, sustainable initiatives and scientific research forth via the use of visual communication.

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meet mentors, local heroes & experts




Ishita Khanna is a dynamic social entrepreneur who is the founder and director of Ecosphere (a social enterprise) - that helps create sustainable livelihoods that are linked to nature and culture conservation.


Her experience of working at the grassroots and passion for the environment and the mountains has been the driving force for Ecosphere which enables her to live her philosophy. Here they address the triple bottom-line of conservation, development and economies, which also forms the very foundation of their genesis.

Rakesh Rao Ny Alesund, Svalbard.jpg



A photographer, filmmaker and a science enthusiast who specializes in documenting scientific expeditions and research activities. He has been involved in several projects with his work taking him to the three Cryospheric polar regions of our planet (Arctic, Antarctic and the Himalayas) making him amongst the few documentary film makers to do so. His recent film “The Climate Challenge” won the Best Science Film award at the International Science Film Festival of India.

His work has been published in the book “90 Degrees South” and several of his photographs have been a part of international photo exhibitions, including the “Sur polar IV” held in Argentina in 2012, and the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) open science congress meeting held in Portland, USA . He has contributed for several newspapers, digital publications, magazines including National Geographic Travelers India, Sky and Telescope and several others. His works has been featured in several magazines that includes Smart Photography, Goa Today, Timeline Goa and a number of online platforms the likes of The Better India and TheVIBE. 

In association with Spiti Ecosphere


Ecosphere is a social enterprise which is a collaborative effort of the local community of Spiti and professionals from diverse backgrounds, with a wide spectrum of skills and experience, effectively spanning the bridge from the general to the niche.

Their focus is to create sustainable livelihoods that are linked to nature and culture conservation. As a social enterprise it is our mandate to address the triple bottom-line of conservation, development and economies, which also forms the very foundation of their genesis.

Tibetan Prayer Flags

Our local partnerships are aimed at fostering community growth, building awareness and providing holistic travel opportunities to an ever-growing community of conservationists, researchers, writers, photographers and filmmakers.

Once you travel with us, there are myriad opportunities to further your cause of creating local collaborations and stories for sustained growth and awareness of the region.

your experience includes:

A journey of endless possibilities with a conscious and growing tribe of explorers like you.

Meet a diverse group of people from the backgrounds of science, research, writing, photography & filmmaking in this journey to co-create and collaborate to create Impact.

  1. 2 Nights stay with dinner & breakfast at a quaint homestay in Manali (to&fro)

  2. 6 Nights stay with fellow creators on double-sharing basis at Osel Rooms, Kaza, Spiti

  3. All meals (breakfast, lunch, high tea & dinner) for 6N/7D with local cuisine in Kaza

  4. All workshops & creative sessions

  5. All transfers from Manali - Kaza - Manali and internal transfers to multiple shoot locations & explorations

  6. Local Explorations and village excursions

  7. Stationery for your hacks & mentor notes

  8. Mentorship on the move from - Rakesh Rao + a team of Spiti Ecosphere to guide you

  9. Give-aways & gifts

And the best part? It's all priced at an all inclusive cost of >>

Early bird price offer closed. 

INR 55,000​/- (8N/9D) >> (Manali - Spiti - Manali).  This covers taxes & GST, overnight stays + all meals in Kaza on double sharing only + stay, dinner & breakfast at Manali (To&Fro), program & experience fee, transfers to multiple shooting locations, & local explorations with co-creators. Once you have arrived to destination, we have got you covered.

Book soon before 30th July with a reservation fee of INR 25,000/- only.

Meet a diverse group of people from the backgrounds of science, research, writing, photography & filmmaking in this journey to co-create and collaborate to create Impact.



how much does it cost?

Spiti is an extreme landscape to traverse. This edition at Spiti, Himachal Pradesh is an investment of (INR 55,000/-) Ex. Manali. for 8 Nights + 9 Days (All Inclusive package). Read below to understand the inclusions, exclusions, grants and discounts. 


This inclusive offer covers you from Manali - Spiti - Manali. It includes the program and mentorship fee, taxes & GST, local explorations & site visits, 2 nights stay, dinner & breakfast in Manali, stay + all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) at Kaza (accommodation in single/double sharing basis) and COVID safety kits. At the cost offered - this is a STEAL.


You can compare any photo tour and you will definitely find this cost at par/less v/s value.

what equipment to carry?

Each edition gives you ample opportunity to gear up and upskill. You need to carry your DSLR, tripod, wide angle / portrait lens or any other gadgets you have bought and want to explore. Your basic requirement is a DSLR camera + Tripod


The total sum excludes airfares, airport transfers to Manali, travel insurance, personal transfers from your home to airport and personal expenditures done over the course of the trip.


Once you reach Manali, we have got you covered, leaving no leaf unturned when it comes to your experience and comfort.

can I recommend/bring a friend?

For sure. We are growing a community of storytellers, researchers and conservationists. If you think your friend fits the bill, we implore them to tag along, and you get a discount on your ticket  (INR 2,000/- off)

what are the COVID safety procedures?

With an RTPCR mandatory, the trip is planned with a limited capacity, local travel with safety protocols, safety kits for each participant, making this journey safe with creative co-passengers.

Read more on the FAQs section to understand our protocols.

Am I eligible for a sponsorship/grant?

Limited sponsorships and grants are available for deserving and passionate storytellers, looking to co-create, collaborate & drive impact. However, we are open to collaborations and are keen to have interested storytellers as a part of our team. 

Just hit us up on instagram and lets connect!

how to arrive?

Reach Chandigarh or Manali depending on your comfort and travel route. We have optional costs for each location of arrival. We manage group pick up & drop from Chandigarh airport at an additional cost. Travel from Chandigarh to Manali is approximately 7-8hrs. 

The Tribe meets at Manali on 11th of September at a quaint homestay and heads for Spiti the next day early morning.

payment structure?

We made it simple for you. Just pay an initial confirmation fee of INR 25,000/-  and pay the rest by 30th of July.

Cancellation Policy: 

30 days before the event - 100% refund

20-29 days before the event - 50% refund

15-19 days before the event - No refund possible

* In case of cancellations due to any 3rd wave of COVID, we will refund 100% of the fee.

Grassy Mountains

what you take back

co-create with fellow storytellers

Each destination is handpicked and curated for its unique mix of ecological, cultural & ethnic diversity from the most obscure and exotic habitats in the country.

explore visual communication & storytelling

Films and photographs have the ability to engage us both emotionally as well as socially. By incorporating scientific research and relevant themes into films, there is potential for the creation of a new dimension to the spread of scientific ideas by sparkling citizen interest and simultaneously inspiring audiences to further engage in broader discussions on the issue itself.

get mentored by renowned filmmakers + one-on-one sessions

A one-of-a-kind experience with exposure to the leading minds in the field, our trip is heroed by renowned filmmakers who will join you every step of the way.

lasting memories & positive impact

a comprehensive photography/filmmaking/writing/storytelling journey

meet local heroes

Craft unforgettable memories with like-minded adventurers who are united by a common goal to drive social change and create an impact.

There is no experience as comprehensive and immersive as a journey with like-minded individuals and world-renowned mentors.

Dive deep into local heritage and culture, and experience the spirit of the wild through the eyes of those who carry the torch of past generations.



Co-create your first impact film + photo stories, ready for media release on our platform with an aim to highlight local cultures & stories, issues & challenges in such extreme terrains, climate impact and sustainable travel.

hit the button

Send in your profile and details for our mentors to know you better. A lucky applicant wins a nature/wildlife fine art photo frame from our end.

If you are convinced, avail the discount before 30th July and reserve your spot with an amount of only INR 25,000/-

If you still need more details + a call from our team let us know and we will get back to you within 24hrs.

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