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Story x Storyteller x Storytelling

A series capturing impactful explorations, personalities and stories of change & resilience 


A resilient community shaping positive climate narratives. A photo-essay to preserve these stories and spread awareness about the dire consequences of unsustainable lifestyles on the fragile ecosystems of our planet. Read more...

By: TIS Studio

A photo-story showcasing the rammed earth architectures of Spiti that withstand extreme climatic conditions. The ancestors of the Spiti Valley had to learn to live and adapt to the very harsh conditions that the Valley is known for today. A resilient people, these locals made use of what little resources they had to live full and vibrant lives as a community, sharing resources and never taking more than they could give back. Read more...

By: TIS Studio


Uncovering the adverse effects of water scarcity in Spiti and conservation efforts by community leaders. This is the story of a glacial land facing challenges in water supply for irrigation, recharge of glacial dams and shortage of basic necessities, in a land that is one of the prime sources of water for the rest of the country. Read more...

By: TIS Studio