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12 - 16 June '2024, Goa, India


A bootcamp designed to discover the art of impact storytelling


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12th - 16th June' 2024


The Program:

The Impact Photography & Filmmaking Bootcamp is a comprehensive workshop on the art of effectively communicating issues and solutions related to climate, the environment, scientific research, expeditions, and travel documentation, via the medium of photography and filmmaking.

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Discover tales of resilience and change, document local issues, learn from masters & experts and collaborate with a collective of storytellers keen on preserving our lasting stories.

The camp is specifically designed for enthusiasts who are passionate about building relevant narratives and telling stories to help spread awareness and create a meaningful impact on our society.

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Experience Snapshot



Meet the collective at Goa. Kickstart with personal & mentor introductions & evening inspirations.



Explore the unseen side of Goa, building narratives & documenting the quintessential Goan culture



Goan landscapes are much beyond beaches and nightlife. Explore habitats that are crucial to thriving eco-systems and understanding the pristine flora and fauna.

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Crafting stories and narratives based on climate change, local impact and conservation, we will spend the day shaping our stories for a final showcase : A 180 SEC IMPACT FILM

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Head out with a renewed perspective to telling your tale.

Fostering the art of
Impact Storytelling

Creating awareness about climate change is the need of the hour, and one effective medium of doing this is through visual communication tools like photography and filmmaking. Films and photographs have the ability to engage us both emotionally as well as socially.

By incorporating climate change and other relevant themes into films, there is potential for the creation of a new dimension to the spread of scientific ideas by sparkling citizen interest and simultaneously inspiring audiences to further engage in broader discussions on the issue itself. 

Program Snapshot


Climate Change: Deconstructing issues of climate change through impact driven visual communication


Nuances of visual storytelling: This session will cover science through the medium of films & travel documentation


Fundamentals of Photography & Filmmaking: From concept to final conceptualization. Get acquainted with the stages of production

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The Art of Editing: From raw files to the final product, a lot of things happen on an edit table.


Media Pitch: Here we discover an impactful project to submit your 1st 180 SEC showreel/photo story

Mentor on Board


Rakesh Rao

Science Photographer & Filmmaker

A photographer, filmmaker and a science enthusiast who specializes in documenting scientific expeditions and research activities. He has been involved in several projects with his work taking him to the three Cryospheric polar regions of our planet (Arctic, Antarctic and the Himalayas) making him amongst the few documentary film makers to do so. His recent film “The Climate Challenge” won the Best Science Film award at the International Science Film Festival of India.

His work has been published in the book “90 Degrees South” and several of his photographs have been a part of international photo exhibitions, including the “Sur polar IV” held in Argentina in 2012, and the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) open science congress meeting held in Portland, USA . He has contributed for several newspapers, digital publications, magazines including National Geographic Travelers India, Sky and Telescope and several others. His works has been featured in several magazines that includes Smart Photography, Goa Today, Timeline Goa and a number of online platforms the likes of The Better India and TheVIBE.

What to expect?


Curated Explorations

If storytelling is your thing, join this community of explorers, photographers, filmmakers, writers and storytellers, discover unseen & untold stories, gain insights by renowned professionals, exchange traditional knowledge, indulge in authentic explorations, meet local thought leaders and co-create magic on this journey of endless possibilities. 


Documentary (Field Visits)

Find your niche in Impact Storytelling by exchanging knowledge with local leaders, meeting a resonating tribe and opening doors to potential collaborations with thought provoking storytellers. Curated with thought, the bootcamp is an immersive and authentic experience of workshops, film screenings, discussions and a mix of untold explorations & mentorship guidance from professionals on the art of impact storytelling. 


Personal Mentorship

A one-of-a-kind experience with exposure to the leading minds in the field, our trip is heroed by renowned storytellers who will guide you to open your minds to diverse forms of storytelling & leadership.

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Collective Learning

Films and photographs have the ability to engage us both emotionally as well as socially. By incorporating scientific research and relevant themes into films, there is potential for the creation of a new dimension to the spread of scientific ideas by sparkling citizen interest and simultaneously inspiring audiences to further engage in broader discussions on the issue itself.


  • Day 1: Arrivals & Introductions
    Arrive in the blue city of Jodhpur and head to Kaner Retreat - India's first desert botanical resort. Refresh and meet your fellow storytellers for a quick round of introductions. Settle-in for the night and exchange stories of explorations and discoveries with our Fellow Storytellers.
  • Day 2: Landscapes & Environment
    Kickstart the day with a short stroll to the sacred grove, locally known as Oran, opening the doors to the world of desert plants. Experience miles of untouched desert wilderness and a walk through hundreds of indigenous as well as cultivated plant species. Session Perspectives: Through stories and anecdotes from local culture, we explore desert botany and its role in the culture of the Thar Desert. Come back for a traditional lunch and reconvene for the evening session and presentation, over tea and coffee, with our fellow storytellers. The presentation will give you insights over diversified forms of art and storytelling, using photography and films. Session Perspectives: Diversify your learnings and knowledge on 'Broadcast and Film Journalism' and 'Environmental Portraits' as means to create impact storytelling. End the evening with a showcase musical performance by the Bhil tribe, and post the performance a short Q+A with artists.
  • Day 3: Culture & Co-existence
    Explore the dunes of Thar and discover the life of nomads, their culture, and untold stories of co-existence with nature. Spend the day at Kheechan, a village cluster in Jaisalmer, known for the resting grounds of Demoiselle cranes. Every September, these cranes take flight above 16,000 feet from Mongolia, crossing the mighty Himalayas and landing in a small village in Rajasthan – Kheechan. Locally known as ‘Kurja’ these birds are fed and looked after by the villagers who collect money to feed them tons of grains in the ‘Chuga Ghar’ or feeding point. Kheechan is also home to beautifully carved havelis, telling tales of merchants who were once part of the silk route. Session Perspectives: Through storytelling and field-documentation, we will shape narratives of conservation & communities, that can tell a tale of preserving our lasting habitats. Come back to experience a starry night in the dunes and explore some night photography.
  • Day 4: Reviving Arts and Artisan Communities
    Communities play an important role in shaping society and drive social change. A day we spend on understanding Rajasthani craftsmanship and skill at Pokhran. Pokhran is home to exquisite handicraft work, a dying skill that needs to be revived to preserve the heritage of this place. Gomat a tiny village in Pokhran is home to these exceptionally talented weavers who produce the “Pattu work “on variety of shawls, bedsheets, Kurtis, cushion covers etc. Weaving has instilled courage in the women living in the veil to be financially independent and earn a respectable place in the society. It has not only generated employment for the village, but also empowered women to take part in decision making. Session Perspectives: Document the intricate challenges and underlying narratives in traditional arts and artisan skills. Come back to exchange perspectives, reflect on narratives, build and shape stories and exchange our collective experiences. The night ends with a celebratory dinner on the dunes.
  • Day 5: Closing & Departures
    Check-outs are at 12pm. We close the program with a pledge to continue the trail of stories through our art. Spend the day at Jodhpur city and take the evening flights, while keen adventurers can stay back to explore the blue city.
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Circle, Anjuna, Goa, India

Built in 1921, this 101 year old house has been painstakingly restored and preserved with a little upgrade done to make your stay a lot more comfy.

Spread over 2+ acres of hill slope, of what is locally known as Peacock Hill Circle is situated in the heart of Goa, Anjuna.