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COVID measures


With a COVID test mandatory for all participants, we are following important protocols for your safety & hygiene. We take your health seriously and utmost precaution is taken right from your check-in till your check-out. With ZERO cases reported at our retreats and bootcamps since 5 months, rest assured you are in safe hands. 

Travel with fellow storytellers!

In a limited and closed group environment where there is minimal intrusion. Micro-groups are the need of the hour, with focus on learning, skill sharing & documenting real-time issues. 

Our locations follow strict protocols of:  

A. Luggage screening procedure with sanitization and disinfecting protocol

B. Maintaining distance while check-in with zero contact policy with local staff

C. Rooms cleaned regularly with change of bedsheets and linen washed in high temperature

D. Temperature checks and provision of face-masks & sanitizers

E. Medical facilities and doctor available on call in case of emergencies

COVID contingencies:

Here are some important FAQ's and protocols if you contract COVID 

Most important being - to get tested before the retreat (You will have to share your test results with the team.)

A. In case you contract COVID before the retreat, you will have to inform the organizers in true faith and  follow necessary procedures to quarantine. In this case, your refund will be considered basis the time to the retreat and refund will be processed basis the cancellation fee at that time. 

B. In case you feel the symptoms during travel, contact the airport authorities immediately. Our Impact team can help you with the local medical facilities and can also help you quarantine at the nearest hospital/hotel at your request

C. In case you feel the symptoms at the retreat, please inform the organizers and you will be taken to the nearest medical facility/hospital and isolated immediately. As a precaution the entire venue will have to be sanitized and necessary protocols will be applied. 

D. In case you require a permit/test for returning to your home, we can help you with the medical support to test at the local hospital, with all costs to be borne by you. 

Zooming Camera

equipment & things to carry


You only have to carry your DSLR camera and tripod. For those who have additional equipment mention it in your application and make sure you are responsible for your own equipment. For those who do not have any camera, do not worry we will connect you to our rental team. In case, you have any audio/recording equipment, just carry along, while we will be providing a limited set of common audio and video solutions. Only enough for a person or two. Drones require special permissions so mention it in your application, if you are carrying it. 

camera specifications:

DSLR/Handicam  that can shoot 1080p 24fps minimum. Any lens kit (18-135 mm, 24-105 mm, 50 mm, 35 mm) or 24-70 mm, tele-photo or prime zoom lenses (70-200 mm, 100-400 mm, 80-400 mm, 200-500 mm, 300 mm, 400 mm) etc. 

Ideal Gear for photography:
For landscape shots - wide angle lens, tripod, CPL/ND filter
For star trails & astro - wide angle lens, tripod, camera trigger
For macro - macro lens, external flash, flash diffuser
For travel - 50 mm, 90 mm, 70-200, etc
For birds & mammals - 70-200 mm, 55-250 mm, 70-300 mm, 100-400 mm, 150-600 mm, 150-500 mm, 300 mm, 400 mm 500 mm, 600 mm

things to carry: 

Your ideal camping, trekking and outdoor requisites such as;

A. Warm clothes for the night and outdoor clothes with trekking shoes

B. Rain ponchos, pouches for storage and gear bag or backpacks

C. Extra batteries and chargers

D. Camera, Tripod & lens

E. Camping and safety gear for long trails

F. Personal medications and prescriptions 

G. Personal water bottle


is this made for me?

for photographers/filmmakers/cinematographers/video editors:

If storytelling is your thing, this is your time to shine. Every one of our Journeys is aimed at the cause of documenting lasting tribes, cultures, habitats, livelihoods, sustenance, destinations and facets of life using the medium of photography, filmmaking, writing, art, and more.

for artists/writers/influencers/environmentalists/brands

With every edition of the Journeys Collective, we invite potential explorers to send in their applications to join us on our travels, and become a part of a growing tribe of creators, explorers, conservationists, media professionals, and more, who come together to travel, exchange views and ideas, and contribute towards future ecological solutions under the guidance of a professional mentor.

Researching and Writing

grants, scholarships & discounts

grant for 2 Special Entrants:

We believe in giving back to the community an opportunity to grow and expand their knowledge leaving a positive footprint on the future of storytellers in this country. Introducing grants for keen artists, photographers, filmmakers and explorers, who are looking for a window to volunteer and grow more within the realms of conservation, science and impact. 2 lucky winners will be given a grant of 30% on their fee basis a strong selection criteria and intent. 

discount for Early Buyers: 

For early buyers there is a discount too! You have to be quick for that.

Avail the 10% early bird discount and reserve your slot soon. This also gets you to take the best spots at the venue, the sooner you book the better it works for you. 

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