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12 Storytellers x 7 Days

23th - 29th May

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A land of history & legend

We invite you on a journey into a land of folklore and myth, where history and nature intertwine in divine harmony, and where a story lingers around every bend, waiting to be told. From the royal lineages of the Maharajas of the 17th Century to dense forests inhabited by wild creatures and natural wonders, Panna is a land of magical duality.


Join us for this experiential & immersive storytelling expedition, as we delve into the history and heritage of this great land, through the eyes of those who carry its torch forward into the modern age.

12 Storytellers x 7 Days x Storytelling Expedition

experience snapshot

Tropical Leaves

natural history


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camp stays


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local tales



forest heroes


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The Art of


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wildlife & ecology


Group of Friends



Panna National Park and the surrounding territorial forest area of North and South Panna forest division is the only large chunk of wildlife habitat remaining in North Madhya Pradesh in the otherwise deciduous fragmented forest landscape of the region. 


Among the animals found here are the tiger, leopard, chital, chinkara, nilgai, sambhar and sloth bear. The park is home to more than 200 species of mammals & birds like - chausingha, jungle cat, the indian vulture, crested serpent eagle, brown fish owl, painted sandgrouse, honey buzzard, king vulture and plum headed parakeet.

the journey


Settle in with fellow storytellers

alongside whom you will spend the next 6 days

learning, collaborating and exploring. 


Travel to local sites and landscapes to unlearn

Photography + Filmmaking


Safari + A perfect day to work on your

storytelling collaborations


A day to discover untold stories,

conservation projects and meet local heroes


A day to collaborate with storytellers, communities,

park management

to co-create Impact Stories


Brainstorm with creators to craft meaningful stories

towards the welfare of the people, places, and ideas

native to our destination.


With heavy heart and a mindful of positive learnings,

we depart for the chaos of city-life, where we carry forward

the spirit of sustainability and collaboration,

and take up the part of creating positive awareness

about our pristine ecosystem and

flourishing culture of co-existence.

Impact Journeys was born at the intersection of sustainable travel and storytelling mentorship. A one-of-a-kind storytelling initiative, every one of our journeys is imbibed with the spirit of collaboration towards building and showcasing impact.  

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how much does it cost?

A nominal fee for self-growth and mentorship, this edition at Panna, Madhya Pradesh is an investment of INR 48,000/-  for 6 Nights + 7 Days (All Inclusive package). Read below to understand the inclusions, exclusions, grants and discounts. 


An inclusive offer covering program and mentorship fee, taxes & GST, local explorations & site visits, all meals (breakfast, lunch, high tea, and dinner), accommodation in double sharing, COVID safety kits, safaris, &and local experiences. At the cost offered - this is a STEAL.

what equipment to carry?

Each edition gives you ample opportunity to gear up and upskill. You can carry your DSLR, tripods, GOPROs or any other gadgets you have bought and want to explore. Your basic requirement is a camera, for which a mobile phone camera will also suffice.


The total sum excludes airfares, airport/train transfers, travel insurance, personal transfers from your home to airport and personal expenditures done over the course of the trip. Once you reach the retreat, we have got you covered, leaving no leaf unturned when it comes to your experience and comfort.

can I recommend/bring a friend?

For sure. We are growing a community of storytellers, researchers and conservationists. If you think your friend fits the bill, we implore them to tag along, and you get a discount on your ticket  (INR 2,000/- off)

what are the COVID safety procedures?

The trip is planned with a limited capacity, local travel with safety protocols, safety kits for each participant, screening procedures, and more, making this journey safe with creative co-passengers. Including a mandatory COVID test, subject to govt. regulations at the time.

Read more on the FAQs section to understand our protocols.

Am I eligible for a sponsorship/grant?

Limited sponsorships and grants are available for deserving and passionate conservationists, wildlife and impact filmmakers, researchers, writers and environmentalists, looking to co-create, collaborate & drive impact. 

how to arrive?

The nearest airport to Panna is Jabalpur and is an approximate 5hr+ drive from the retreat.

Travel to the retreat with co-passengers & storytellers, ready to be welcomed by the sights, sounds, and local flavors in the warmth of a campfire.

payment structure?

We made it simple for you. Just pay an initial confirmation fee of INR 25,000/-  and pay the rest by 15th of September.

Cancellation Policy: 

30 days before the event - 100% refund

20-29 days before the event - 50% refund

15-19 days before the event - No refund possible

*Booking amount of INR 25,000/- is non-refundable but you can transfer it for other editions

mentored by





Sushil is an avid traveller and a photo artist based out of Pune. He has traversed India extensively and there's nothing he loves doing more. His passion for what he does translates into every one of his travels, ensuring every client experiences  and makes the most out of their travel with him.


With a cumulative experience of 15 years in the field in association with an array of organizations, In the course of his travels and having mastered in biodiversity, he has had the privilege to observe some very fascinating and rare creatures that inhabit the wildernesses. Additionally, his unique ability to compose images of wildlife in an artistic manner, gives them a unique feel and can be interpreted in a myriad ways.

Sushil's pictures have been published in some leading magazines like Heritage India, Saevus and Sanctuary Asia and in books such as the Reptiles and Amphibians of Maharashtra and Reptiles of India.  Sushil garners a deep love for India and a talent to be able to tell stories through his photographs.

stay, facilities & experiences

Each destination is handpicked and curated for its unique mix of ecological, cultural & ethnic diversity from the most obscure and exotic habitats in the country. Learn about tribes, wildlife, ecological balance and communities that are impacted by human expansion, climate and rapid biological changes. 


Spend a week in the wild, unlearning the lessons of the city, with immersive experiences, cultural exchanges, local explorations, safaris, local cuisines and campfire sessions on the banks of Ken river. 

Experience Camp Panna, a lush riverside retreat situated at Panna National Park with co-creators, storytellers and a tribe of your own on a quest to create - Impact


stay at a riverside

retreats & heritage resorts 

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comfortable stays

Screen Shot 2021-02-03 at 1.23.38 AM.png

experience campfire sessions by the river

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immerse in local tales

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safari to Panna National Park

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disover unknown

& rare species

your experience includes:

A journey of endless possibilities with a conscious and growing tribe of explorers like you.

Meet a diverse group of people from the backgrounds of science, research, writing, photography & filmmaking in this journey to co-create and collaborate to create Impact.

  1. Stay with fellow creators on double-sharing basis at Camp Panna, Gretoe resorts

  2. Travel from Jabalpur airport (To&Fro)

  3. All meals for 6N/7D with local cuisine and buffet menu, crafted to suit your wilderness vibe

  4. All workshops & creative sessions

  5. Internal transfers to multiple shoot locations and village excursions

  6. 2 Safaris to Panna Tiger Reserve

  7. Stationery for your hacks & mentor notes

  8. Personal mentorship & feedback session

  9. Local explorations to historical locations

  10. Mentorship on the move from expert - Sushil Chikane (Founder - Journeys Explore) + a team of trackers, conservationists and researchers to guide you

  11. Your personal nature/wildlife fine art wall frame

And the best part? It's all priced at a nominal investment for personal growth >>

(6N/7D) >> INR 48,000/-

Includes taxes & GST, all meals + stay, program fee, mentorship fee, transfers to shooting locations, safari to Panna National Park, all sessions & workshops & explorations with co-creators. Avail the discount before 30th May.

Meet a diverse group of people from the backgrounds of science, research, writing, photography & filmmaking in this journey to co-create and collaborate to create Impact.


what you take back

co-create with fellow storytellers

Each destination is handpicked and curated for its unique mix of ecological, cultural & ethnic diversity from the most obscure and exotic habitats in the country.

explore visual communication & storytelling

Films and photographs have the ability to engage us both emotionally as well as socially. By incorporating scientific research and relevant themes into films, there is potential for the creation of a new dimension to the spread of scientific ideas by sparkling citizen interest and simultaneously inspiring audiences to further engage in broader discussions on the issue itself.

get mentored by renowned filmmakers + one-on-one sessions

A one-of-a-kind experience with exposure to the leading minds in the field, our trip is heroed by renowned filmmakers who will join you every step of the way.

lasting memories & positive impact

a comprehensive photography/filmmaking/writing/storytelling journey

meet local heroes

Craft unforgettable memories with like-minded adventurers who are united by a common goal to drive social change and create an impact.

There is no experience as comprehensive and immersive as a journey with like-minded individuals and world-renowned mentors.

Dive deep into local heritage and culture, and experience the spirit of the wild through the eyes of those who carry the torch of past generations.

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Co-create your first impact film + photo stories, ready for media release on our platform with an aim to highlight local cultures & stories, issues & challenges on conservation, climate impact and sustainable travel.


hit the button

Send in your profile and details for our mentors to know you better. A lucky applicant wins a nature/wildlife fine art photo frame from our end.

If you are convinced, avail the discount before 30th September and reserve your spot with an amount of only INR 25,000/-

If you still need more details + a call from our team let us know and we will get back to you within 24hrs.

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