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Dates: 19th - 25th February' 2024


6 Days x 12 Storytellers


19th - 25th February' 2024

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Sri Lanka's vibrant culture is a blend of various influences, including indigenous traditions, pristine beauty, and the legacies of its colonial history. From heritage walks, to meeting the fishermen communities and learning from local Storytellers, we have covered it all

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by The Impact Society

Explorers x Photographers x Filmmakers x Writers 

Artists x Change-makers >> This is for you

If storytelling is your thing, join this trail of explorers, photographers, filmmakers, writers and creators, discover unseen & untold stories, gain insights by renowned professionals, exchange traditional knowledge, indulge in authentic explorations, meet inspiring local leaders and share perspectives with a collective seeking impact.

Untold by The Impact Society, is a impact storytelling trail designed for experiencing inspiring stories of natural history, cultural legacy, environmental & wildlife conservation, climate actions and sustainable leadership, through the lens of leaders, explorers and storytellers.


Untold | Sri Lanka
Dates: 19th - 25th February' 2024

Sri Lanka is not only just a land of sandy beaches, but a legacy of rich history and culture. At this ​trail, we will explore heritage restoration, nature conservation and art through the lens of local storytellers, engage in meaningful dialogues with communities, exchange perspectives to storytelling and harness the power of photography, films and writing to tell our tale.

Join us for this immersive experience of cultures and connections with our southern borders. From embarking on experiences that showcases the traditional handicrafts and art forms to exploring architectural gardens to witness the intricate craftsmanship, the journey offers storytellers an authentic insight into diverse stories that shape Sri Lanka.

Tour Snapshot

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Meet the collective at Colombo. Kickstart with a glimpse of Sri Lanka's modern & contemporary landscape

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Explore archaeological excavation and conservation initiatives, with a stroll down medieval times, museum visit and meeting local fishermen communities.

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A nature walk through the lush expanse of Kanneliya Rainforest and a Batik workshop to end the trail.

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Explore the old city markets at Pettah, perfect for some street photography and head to the historical city of Galle



Discover traditional rituals and the art of making masks, as a part of cultural connections, followed by a walk through Lunuganga - the country estate of renowned architect - Geoffrey Bawa

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Head back to Colombo to catch the evening flights. Spend the day at Colombo city, exploring local galleries

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Experience Snapshot


Colombo National Museum of Asian civilizations is one of the oldest that covers the natural heritage of Sri Lanka.

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Pettah famous for the Pettah Market, a series of open air bazaars & markets, designed like a gigantic puzzle

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Galle, a historical city interspersed with stories of legendary battles, the alliances that were forged and destroyed, and meeting the people who call it home.


Marine Archaeology Museum the only museum which aware the public on marine biological and anthropological aspects of Southern coastal area.

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Mask Making Tradition, commonly found adorning the walls of local houses, with their colourful facades, odd shapes and intriguing histories.


Lunuganga Gardens - the iconic architecture marvel, was often considered a beautifully crafted experimental ground for Geoffrey Bawa, whose extraordinary work can be seen amidst the many architectural charms across the estate.

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Wildlife and nature walk at Kanneliya Rain Forest Reserve, a forest complex designated as a biosphere reserve in 2004 by UNESCO.

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Stories from the loom exploring the massive tapestries that adorned the ceilings of Colombo’s most iconic buildings.

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Indigenous and traditional foods of Sri Lanka present a perfect blend of cultural diversity with human wisdom that has been evolved through generations in establishing a cultural heritage and an identity. 

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Perspective sharing & reflections highlighting positive narratives, shared learnings and conscious storytelling.