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Storytellers Residency

17-21 May' 2023, Goa

The Impact Society Storytellers Residency is a re-examination of the meaning and value of storytelling. Through workshops, activities, guided sessions and discussions, the Residency offers a group of diverse storytellers the opportunity to explore their craft, with an emphasis on tracing erasure, renewal, and creating new languages and forms for personal impact. 

Designed for a community
of Storytellers & Leaders

In the age of social and ecological flux, stories have immeasurable power to inspire, uplift, and change the course of our collective future.

This residency is for storytellers & artists, who are willing to investigate their discipline, unravelling the deep-set narratives that guide their work and their various thresholds in a collaborative and respectful environment. The goal is to examine the role of the storyteller, and how the very act of storytelling serves or saves us. 

A gathering of 14 storytellers of different styles, disciplines, and niches, the residency is an immersive learning experience guided by experts, local storytellers, artists, and social leaders.


Imagine a 300year old heritage
villa filled with impactful discussions,
transformative sessions &
explorations designed to tell a tale

Take a step inwards into this personal journey of self discovery, transformation and exploration, designed to bring a collective of change-makers, storytellers, social & community leaders, environmentalists, conservationists, creators & artists together, for a 5-day immersive journey to discover the storyteller within you.

What happens at the Residency?

The residency offers a new perspective on the power of storytelling, and the people who tell them. From workshops with visiting artists and experts to outdoor exploration, every day of the retreat presents a new and intense challenge and is a week-long discovery of modes of storytelling, explored through the lens of language, connection, perception, and place.

At this residency, we will examine ideas and expectations through exercises, visits, research, readings, and discussions on the works of several artists, architects, designers, writers, and poets with the help of guest teachers on different days.

Why should
you attend?

Storytellers are a part of continuum. We work as links between generations, sowing seeds of renewal, steering conversation, expanding constructs. Our central hope should always be propagation. 

The program is designed to guide participants toward their goals - from finding fresher perspectives to pivoting or changing direction completely,  participants can hope to renew their practices and create new patterns for growth.

Who is it
curated for?

An introspective journey of examination and growth, the Storytellers Residency is designed to reconnect you with your most powerful tools as a storyteller - Your Environment, Body, and Self.

A multi-disciplinary gathering of creatives and storytellers, the theme for the inaugural retreat is Body Back In The World. It hopes to reorient the participants in their practice by exploring the relational aspects of interiority and artistic expression and encourage a shift from fixed perception to fluidity. By studying the sensate and the undulations of land, time and memory, we will engage with our own rhythms that can inform stories. 

How does it
empower me?

With the goal of orienting and reorienting ourselves in our art forms, the residency is geared towards eliminating binaries and fixed notions to piece together new pathways and possibilities of navigation for our lived experience.

We invite you to ponder the dimensions of self, its projections and extensions, and ways we can strive toward rooted practice. 

Day Flow

A day to examine tracing patterns – by sharing your work, questioning our own engagement & intent, thresholds and existing forms. We will look at difficulty as a gateway to new possibilities in our practice.

Beach Beds

Goa Edition

Nestled between the church of Nossa Senhora de Penha de França, the Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, and the bustling heart of the Latin Quarter of Panjim City, the location offers an unparalleled window into the natural and cultural heritage of Goa, as well as the modern cityscape of Panjim.

Meet Your Mentor


Indian writer and artist Sonali Prasad's current compositions examine social and environmental conditions through related language use. What soundings and textures are easily recognized, how those can be given new properties, and what routes can be set anew. She experiments with form and has used traditional and creative media practices, including longform reporting, poetry, data, documentary, installations, and visual art.

Guest Experts/Artists


A National Award winner, Gautam Pandey is one of India’s accomplished wildlife filmmakers. He studied film in Canada and has won several national and international awards for his documentaries.


Born into a family of nature-enthusiasts, his
passion for filmmaking started at an early age and he is now focused on using films as a medium to
bring awareness about wildlife and conservation.

Gautam has been experimenting with technology to push the boundaries and find new ways to tell
stories and deliver conservation messages to new audiences. For the past few years he been
experimenting with cinematic 360 VR to create immersive experiences to tell stories and deliver
conservation messages to new audiences.

Rhea Gupte.jpg

Rhea Gupte is a multi-disciplinary artist and writer based in Goa, India. A storyteller at heart, her work explores the vulnerabilities and strengths of human emotions through the mundane, transient and often inanimate.

Her practice is resonant with an evocative play of color and a visceral combination of objects, spaces and words, lending to introspective reflection and  thoughtful dialogue. Her body of work spans across digital art, photography, graphic design, videography, writing and she often combines these to produce work rooted in starting conversations around environmental justice and sustainability.


A photographer, filmmaker and a science enthusiast who specializes in documenting scientific expeditions and research activities. He has been involved in several projects with his work taking him to the three Cryospheric polar regions of our planet (Arctic, Antarctic and the Himalayas) making him amongst the few documentary film makers to do so. His recent film “The Climate Challenge” won the Best Science Film award at the International Science Film Festival of India.

His work has been published in the book “90 Degrees South” and several of his photographs have been a part of international photo exhibitions, including the “Sur polar IV” held in Argentina in 2012, and the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) open science congress meeting held in Portland, USA . He has contributed for several newspapers, digital publications, magazines including National Geographic Travelers India, Sky and Telescope and several others.



Dhawalika Singh 



Johann Binny Kuruvilla


Kochi Heritage Project

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-24 at 08.58.25.jpeg

Ritika Khare

Creator & Explorer

Soulful Travel Stories


Zarna Jain 

Social Leader


Akshay Bapat 

Documentary Filmmaker


Kavya Narayanan

Biologist & Science Journalist


How much does it cost?

A nominal fee for personal growth and self-discovery, the inaugural edition at Goa, India is an investment of INR 68,000/- + Govt. Taxes  for 4 Nights + 5 Days (All Inclusive). Check the program deck to understand the inclusions, exclusions and terms


An inclusive offer covering program material and experience fee, local explorations and site visits, all meals (breakfast, lunch, high tea, and dinner), double-sharing accommodation in a 300-year old Portuguese villa, and curated workshops with award-winning experts from a variety of disciplines. A steal-deal for a program of this calibre! 

Where are we staying?

Situated on the serene backwaters of the Madovi River, Casa Britona is a 300-year-old Portuguese home located in a quintessentially Goan fishing village. Kissing the river close by is the church of Nossa Senhora de Penha de França, built in 1626, offering an absolutely splendid view of the twinkling lights of Panjim. 

Who would be attending?

The residency is curated for storytellers of every kind - from photographers to filmmakers, writers and artists of various mediums, the program is designed to help us reorient ourselves in our craft, guided by leading experts, local storytellers, creative artists and social leaders.


The total sum excludes airfares, managed airport/train transfer on actuals, travel insurance, transfers from your home to airport and personal expenditures undertaken over the course of the trip. Once you reach the retreat, we have got you covered, leaving no stone unturned to provide you with the very best in experience and comfort.

How will it help my practice?

Creativity is a muscle, and must be strengthened in order to function at its optimum level. The Storytellers Residency is designed to push your limits, help you escape the cage of the tried-and-tested, and go beyond your comfort zone to discover the true potential of your craft.

Can I recommend/bring
a fellow storyteller?

Why Not! If you think your friend fits the bill, we implore them to tag along, experience creative collisions and discover guided practices to master your craft.

Why do Storytellers need this?

Storytelling is an intangible art form, with as many facets as there are practitioners. As navigators of this present social and ecological landscape, we need new tools that help us comprehend the conditions and discover the course ahead. If you are experiencing a creative block, or are looking to change direction, or even simply want to explore your craft further, this residency is meant for you.

Can I cancel /shift my booking due to unforeseen circumstances?

Unfortunately, we cannot shift your booking to any other edition. This is an intimate gathering with a limited capacity, and is carefully curated keeping every guest in mind. Once confirmed, your booking is non-refundable. So, take your time to ponder before making a decision

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