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5th - 9th June '2024 (12 spots open)


5 Days x 12 Storytellers

Experience: Ecology x Culinary x Architecture

A first of its kind impact storytelling and creative exchange program

The Impact Society Storytellers Residency is a re-examination of the meaning and value of storytelling. Through workshops, activities, guided sessions and discussions, the residency offers a group of diverse storytellers the opportunity to explore their craft, share perspectives, build narratives and take positive actions.

Dates & location:

5th - 9th June '2024

(12 spots open)

Goa, India.


Designed for Storytellers & Leaders

Explorers x Photographers x Filmmakers x Writers x Artists x Change-makers

We welcome a diverse cohort of storytellers looking to expand their creative boundaries with an aim to inspire collaborative storytelling that goes beyond traditional boundaries, uniting individuals who are passionate about creating positive change through their art.

Experience a program designed for authentic explorations, storytelling mentorship and perspective sharing with a collective of change-makers, artists and leaders.


It’s a unique opportunity to discover untold stories, unlearn the art of impact storytelling, gain insights from professionals and travel to meet a collective of inspiring storytellers.

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The Flow

A storytelling experiment that unfolds through nature explorations, field visits, community exchange, creative breakthroughs, photography/film showcases, and discussions with fellow storytellers.

We kickstart our residency with a focus on meaningful engagement through introductions, icebreakers, and story circles. Participants share their backgrounds and creative journeys, fostering a sense of community and collective understanding.

Led by
Artists & Storytellers

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Siddharth Dasgupta

Poet, Novelist & Explorer

A novelist and poet, Siddharth Dasgupta (@citizen.bliss) writes fiction from lost hometowns. Currently the Editor of Visual Narratives with The Bombay Literary Magazine, Siddharth recently published his fifth book, All These Streets We’ve Known By Heart – which was shortlisted for the Rabindranath Tagore Literary Prize 2023.

His art burns brightest when he is experiencing, dissecting, and expressing a city, hidden gem, cultural movement, travel experience, dining adventure, city getaway, or luxury hotel stay. For him, it all boils down to the thrill of storytelling and being able to make a profound human connection with another human being i.e. the reader.

Siddharth has published 5 books so far and his articles have landed on the pages of notable publications such as Travel + Leisure, National Geographic Traveller, The Buzz, Harper's Bazaar, and other global publications.

Set in a 100yr-old heritage mansion
Location: Vivenda Dos Palhacos

Vivenda dos Palhacos is a one hundred year old, carefully renovated house, set in a quaint village of Majorda, in South Goa.

The villa has three quite distinct atmospheres - a modest Portuguese Mansion, the older Hindoo house and the main garden.

Set far off the beaten track, the villa offers the perfect space to experience tranquility amidst the rural side of Goa, surrounded by church bells, blue skies and coconut groves.

The Space

Join a collective of change-makers on this unique journey


Oishimaya Sen 

Conservation Writer


Johann Binny Kuruvilla

Storyteller - Kochi Heritage Project


Amit Srivastava 

Author & Travel Photographer


Manish Saksena

Lead Advisor Aadyam Handwoven and Retail Consultant (TH/CK/Arrow)

Akshay Bapat 

Documentary Filmmaker

Kavya Narayanan

Biologist & Science Journalist

What happens
at the Residency?

The residency offers a new perspective on the power of storytelling, and the people who tell them. From workshops with visiting artists and experts to outdoor exploration, every day of the retreat presents a new and intense challenge and is a week-long discovery of modes of storytelling, explored through the lens of language, connection, perception, and place.

At this residency, we will examine ideas and expectations through exercises, visits, research, readings, and discussions on the works of several artists, architects, designers, writers, and poets with the help of guest teachers on different days.

Why should
you attend?

Storytellers are a part of continuum. We work as links between generations, sowing seeds of renewal, steering conversation, expanding constructs. Our central hope should always be propagation. 

The program is designed to guide participants toward their goals - from finding fresher perspectives to pivoting or changing direction completely,  participants can hope to renew their practices and create new patterns for growth.

Who is it
curated for?

An introspective journey of examination and growth, the Storytellers Residency is designed to reconnect you with your most powerful tools as a storyteller - Your Environment, Body, and Self.

A multi-disciplinary gathering of creatives and storytellers, the residency hopes to reorient the participants in their practice by exploring the relational aspects of interiority and artistic expression and encourage a shift from fixed perception to fluidity. By studying the sensate and the undulations of land, time and memory, we will engage with our own rhythms that can inform stories. 

How does it
empower me?

With the goal of orienting and reorienting ourselves in our art forms, the residency is geared towards eliminating binaries and fixed notions to piece together new pathways and possibilities of navigation for our lived experience.

We invite you to ponder the dimensions of self, its projections and extensions, and ways we can strive toward rooted practice. 



  • Day 1: Arrivals & Introductions
    Arrive in the blue city of Jodhpur and head to Kaner Retreat - India's first desert botanical resort. Refresh and meet your fellow storytellers for a quick round of introductions. Settle-in for the night and exchange stories of explorations and discoveries with our Fellow Storytellers.
  • Day 2: Landscapes & Environment
    Kickstart the day with a short stroll to the sacred grove, locally known as Oran, opening the doors to the world of desert plants. Experience miles of untouched desert wilderness and a walk through hundreds of indigenous as well as cultivated plant species. Session Perspectives: Through stories and anecdotes from local culture, we explore desert botany and its role in the culture of the Thar Desert. Come back for a traditional lunch and reconvene for the evening session and presentation, over tea and coffee, with our fellow storytellers. The presentation will give you insights over diversified forms of art and storytelling, using photography and films. Session Perspectives: Diversify your learnings and knowledge on 'Broadcast and Film Journalism' and 'Environmental Portraits' as means to create impact storytelling. End the evening with a showcase musical performance by the Bhil tribe, and post the performance a short Q+A with artists.
  • Day 3: Culture & Co-existence
    Explore the dunes of Thar and discover the life of nomads, their culture, and untold stories of co-existence with nature. Spend the day at Kheechan, a village cluster in Jaisalmer, known for the resting grounds of Demoiselle cranes. Every September, these cranes take flight above 16,000 feet from Mongolia, crossing the mighty Himalayas and landing in a small village in Rajasthan – Kheechan. Locally known as ‘Kurja’ these birds are fed and looked after by the villagers who collect money to feed them tons of grains in the ‘Chuga Ghar’ or feeding point. Kheechan is also home to beautifully carved havelis, telling tales of merchants who were once part of the silk route. Session Perspectives: Through storytelling and field-documentation, we will shape narratives of conservation & communities, that can tell a tale of preserving our lasting habitats. Come back to experience a starry night in the dunes and explore some night photography.
  • Day 4: Reviving Arts and Artisan Communities
    Communities play an important role in shaping society and drive social change. A day we spend on understanding Rajasthani craftsmanship and skill at Pokhran. Pokhran is home to exquisite handicraft work, a dying skill that needs to be revived to preserve the heritage of this place. Gomat a tiny village in Pokhran is home to these exceptionally talented weavers who produce the “Pattu work “on variety of shawls, bedsheets, Kurtis, cushion covers etc. Weaving has instilled courage in the women living in the veil to be financially independent and earn a respectable place in the society. It has not only generated employment for the village, but also empowered women to take part in decision making. Session Perspectives: Document the intricate challenges and underlying narratives in traditional arts and artisan skills. Come back to exchange perspectives, reflect on narratives, build and shape stories and exchange our collective experiences. The night ends with a celebratory dinner on the dunes.
  • Day 5: Closing & Departures
    Check-outs are at 12pm. We close the program with a pledge to continue the trail of stories through our art. Spend the day at Jodhpur city and take the evening flights, while keen adventurers can stay back to explore the blue city.

Experience Snapshot

Handpicked & Curated Explorations

Discover nomadic folktales, heritage art, environmental co-existence and culture through our thoughtfully picked authentic trails.

Exchange Traditional Knowledge

Immersions designed to help you delve into storytelling in a way that embraces local knowledge systems, and communities.

Travel with a Collective

The Impact Society residencies connects you with a resonating and conscious tribe that yearns to unlearn and explore storytelling with impact.

Learn from
Fellow Storytellers

A carefully built agenda of walks, talks and workshops with inspiring change-makers and local leaders puts you on the path to re-learn the art of storytelling and narrative building.

Immerse in settings connected to local impact

Our residencies are hosted at chosen properties that are shaping social reform, community exchange and positive impact in their regions.

Explore Collaborations

Designed as an explorative journey where you get to exchange thoughts, ideas and collaborate with a like-minded community to co-create Impact.


Over 7 storytelling editions, a travel summit and the wilderness festival, we have hosted some of the finest storytelling mentors, worked on photo projects with local NGO's, documented local issues and have explored some of the most breath-taking & unexplored landscapes, from the vision of discovering life through the lens.

Films and photographs have the ability to engage us both emotionally as well as socially. By incorporating scientific research and relevant themes into films, there is potential for the creation of a new dimension to the spread of scientific ideas by sparkling citizen interest and simultaneously inspiring audiences to further engage in broader discussions on the issue itself.


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Send in your profile and details for screening and expect a call within 24hrs.

If you are convinced, reserve your spot with an amount of only INR 25,000/-

If you still need more details + a call from our team let us know and we will get back to you within 24hrs.

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We work at the intersection of creative exploration and impact storytelling. Fostering the use of photography, films and art to fuel environmental, cultural and social change.

A melting pot of inspirational storytellers getting together with keen seekers for the cause of building sustainable futures. A space where each attendee, creator, travel brand, conservationist or adventurer is a key influencer towards achieving a sustainable and collaborative way forward. 

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