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Dates: 13th-17th September


5 Days x 20 Storytellers


Experience Type:


Untold Odisha offers a captivating way to explore the rich cultural heritage, mythology, and historical significance of the state. An opportunity to delve into the fascinating narratives that have shaped Orissa and continue to inspire generations.

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by The Impact Society

Explorers x Photographers x Filmmakers x Writers 

Artists x Change-makers >> This is for you

If storytelling is your thing, join this community of explorers, photographers, filmmakers, writers and creators, discover unseen & untold stories, gain insights by renowned professionals, exchange traditional knowledge, indulge in authentic explorations, meet inspiring local leaders and co-create magic on this journey of endless possibilities. 

Untold by The Impact Society, is a storytelling journey designed for experiencing inspiring stories of natural history, cultural legacy, environmental & wildlife conservation, climate actions and sustainable leadership, with a tribe of conscious seekers & explorers.


Untold Odisha
Dates: 13th - 17th September

The district of Mayurbhanj is very rich in its arts and culture - a few iconic crafts include Dokra (ancient wax casting art form), Sabai Grass weaving (grass and date leaves handicraft) and Mayurbhanj Chhau (martial arts semi classical dance form). Mayurbhanj and The Belgadia Palace is a hidden gem and have played host to many famous personalities, such as dignitaries from the Tagore family, Mark Shand (Late brother of Camilla Parker Bowles, Queen of England) Gyanendra Shah, the present King of Nepal, to J.N. Tata, Annie Beasant and Keshab Chandra Sen (Bengal Renaissance Reformer) to name a few.

Join a league of storytellers & explorers, in this immersive experience of cultures and connections with our eastern borders. From embarking on a trail that showcases the traditional handicrafts and art forms to exploring artisan villages to witness the intricate craftsmanship, we have covered it all.

Tour Snapshot

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13th - 17th Sept' 2023

Thursday - Sunday

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Experience Type:

Story Trails of Odisha

Heritage | Culture | Art

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Group Size:

20 Explorers

Limited capacity experience

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Travel & Transit:

SUV / Mini Tempo


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Stay Type:

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Heritage Property

Breakfast + Lunch
+ Dinner

5 Star Grade

Vegetarian + Non-Vegetarian

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Group Type:

Storytellers x Explorers

Photographers, Filmmakers, Artists, Writers, Social Leaders, Explorers

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INR 58,750/person

Double Sharing 


Experience Snapshot

Handpicked & Curated Explorations

Discover nomadic folktales, heritage, environmental co-existence and culture through our thoughtfully picked authentic trails.

Local Exchange & Tales

Immerse in local experiences, document the nomadic life, discover traditional co-existing knowledge systems & thriving communities.

Travel with your Tribe

Travel with a resonating & conscious tribe who yearns to unlearn and explore just like you.

Storytelling Walks/Talks/Workshops

Hear from our host storyteller and meet inspiring change-makers, to unlearn the art of storytelling

Heritage & Boutique Stays

Discover the culture of the royalty with a stay at heritage resorts and live in camps to experience the life of a desert nomad.

Explore Collaborations

While you are on this explorative journey, exchange thoughts, ideas and collaborate with a like-minded community to co-create Impact.

Experts on Board

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Akshita & Mrinalika

Social Entrepreneurs

Mrinalika and Akshita are the 48th generation of the Bhanj Dynasty, which were the rulers of the princely state of Mayurbhanj. They grew up between Odisha and Bengal in the eastern states of India and attended the United World College of South East Asia Singapore before attending college as Davis scholars in the United States, at Bard College and the University of Virginia.

Their vision in opening up the doors to their home was to build sustainable tourism with social impact at its core in the tribal-dominated region. Mrinalika is also a successful yoga practitioner and facilitates wellness retreats in India and abroad, whereas Akshita works at the intersection of technology and social good. Both sisters have been featured in numerous publications such as Yourstory, South China Morning Post. Insider, Conde Nast Traveller, Vogue and Times of India on their work in sustainability and arts.

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Pubarun Basu


A young photographer documenting the coexistence of people, culture, and environment.

Pubarun has been featured on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, and is the first Indian to win the Youth Photographer of the Year title in the Sony World Photography Awards. His work has been exhibited across galleries in France, Italy, Japan, etc, and has been featured on BBC, CNN, The Guardian, and more.

His work has been centred around the themes of cultural diversity, environmental conservation, and social inclusion. Currently working with the National Geographic Society and The Nature Conservancy on a Freshwater Conservation Project, Pubarun has been highlighting the challenges faced by the Ganga ecosystem, in an effort to inspire action amongst stakeholders and drive sustainable community-based solutions towards its preservation.

The Journey


  1. Group transfers from Kolkatta airport (To & Fro)

  2. 4 Nights stay with (breakfast, lunch & dinner) at The Belgadia Palace

  3. All workshops, experiences, photo-walks and story-trails

  4. All internal transfers and in-city visits

  5. Mentorship and guidance + Experiential Sessions on 'The Art of Impact Storytelling'

  6. Stationery for your hacks & mentor notes

  7. Expertise by The Impact Society + Mentors on board

  8. Give-aways & gifts

  9. All permits

  10. Taxes


  1. Meals during transit (Kolkatta to & fro)

  2. Any food/drinks purchased (During walks/explorations/trails) which is not a part of the inclusions. 

  3. Air/Train fare (To&Fro) from destination to Kalkotta

  4. Medical/Personal Expenditures done during the tour

  5. Any personal expenses that are not within the itinerary

  6. Any project/material cost for any personal showcase that's not a part of the group or collaborative plan. 

Stay at The Belgadia Palace

Tucked away in the quaint heritage town of Baripada in Mayurbhanj, Odisha, the Palace is a beautiful piece of Kalinga history that redefines the idea of a hotel, and is 4-5 hours from the state capital of Odisha, Bengal and Jharkhand.

Built in the 1800s in the Victorian architectural style with elements of Georgian decor, it was envisioned as a property for visiting foreign dignitaries, guests of the royal family of Mayurbhanj. During the merger of the princely state to the Union of India, the property was titled palace as to pay homage to the royal family that moved into it post independence as their primary residence.

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Meet change-makers on this unique journey


Dhawalika Singh 



Payal Kumar

Travel & Wedding Photographer


Amit Srivastava 

Author & Travel Photographer


Zarna Jain 

Social Leader

Akshay Bapat 

Documentary Filmmaker

Kavya Narayanan

Biologist & Science Journalist


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If you still need more details + a call from our team let us know and we will get back to you within 24hrs.

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