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Dates: 12-19 August

Untold Ladakh

8 Days x 14 Storytellers



Leh - Hemis - Aryan Valley - Leh


Untold Ladakh is an expedition to discover the rich culture, ancient history, stunning landscapes, and the unique way of Ladakhi life. The region inhabited by people of Mons, Tibetan and Indo-Aryan descent, have developed a unique way of life in this challenging environment, revolving around agriculture, animal husbandry, and trade.

The journey brings a collective of storytellers, explorers and change-makers to explore with a motive to tell a tale & gain insights on the art of impact storytelling with our mentorship team.


Story Trails

by The Impact Society

Explorers x Storytellers x Change-makers >> This is for you

If storytelling is your thing, join this community of explorers, photographers, filmmakers, writers and creators, discover unseen & untold stories, gain insights by renowned professionals, exchange traditional knowledge, indulge in authentic explorations, meet inspiring local leaders and co-create magic on this journey of endless possibilities. 

Story Trails by The Impact Society, is a journey designed for experiencing inspiring stories of natural history, cultural legacy, environmental & wildlife conservation, climate actions and sustainable leadership, with a tribe of conscious seekers & explorers.


Untold Ladakh
12-19 August

Untold Ladakh is a storytelling expedition to immerse in local tales of life in extreme, cultures & communities, climate change and sustainable practices that co-exist in this fragile landscape.

Ladakh is not just another tourist spot, it's a land of untold stories and hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. Beyond the breathtaking landscapes and stunning vistas, a world of cultural and heritage experiences is waiting to be explored. To get a taste of the untold side of Ladakh, venture out with us into the local villages and interact with the people who call this land home. 

Our team, accompanied by local storytellers, and a storytelling mentor will take you through the untold and unseen side of Ladakh's cultural diversity coupled with insights on impact storytelling & leadership.

Tour Snapshot

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12-19 August' 2023

Saturday - Saturday

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Experience Type:

Story Trails of Spiti

Culture | Communties

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Group Size:


Limited Seats available

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Roohani Sawhney

Writer & Researcher

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Stay Type:

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4 Star Grade/Homestays

Double Occupancy

Breakfast + Dinner

Vegetarian + Non-Vegetarian

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Group Type:

Storytellers x Explorers

Photographers, Filmmakers, Writers, Social Leaders, Solo Travelers, Adventurers 

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INR 65,000/person
(Incl GST)

* Double Sharing Occupancy only
* Check the inclusions and exclusions below

A Storytelling Journey

From visiting local villages and exchanging tales with communities, this expedition is designed to discover local life, resilient cultures, climate leadership and sustainable innovations that has led to a positive impact and change in Ladakh's eco-tourism model.

Coupled with in-house training and sessions designed to unlearn the art of impact storytelling & social leadership with our mentor & local storytellers.

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Experience Snapshot

Handpicked & Curated Explorations

Discover rare & untold stories about cultures, conservation initiatives, environmental co-existence and social leadership through our thoughtfully picked, authentic experiences.

Local Exchange & Tales

Immerse in local experiences, document the nomadic life, discover traditional co-existing knowledge systems & thriving communities.

Travel with your Tribe

Travel with a resonating & conscious tribe who yearns to unlearn and explore just like you.

Storytelling Walks/Talks/Workshops

Hear from our host storytellers and meet inspiring change-makers, to unlearn 'The Art of Impact Storytelling'

Impact Learnings

Giving back to the community, by means of slow and regenerative experiences that extends benefits and empowers local opportunities and preservation.

Explore Collaborations

While you are on this explorative journey, exchange thoughts, ideas and collaborate with a like-minded community to co-create Impact.


The Journey


  1. ​7 nights stay - Double Occupancy

  2. Meal Plan (Veg & Non.Veg) : Breakfast + Dinner 

  3. 1 local Ladakhi lunch 

  4. All local explorations, storytelling sessions and mentorship

  5. Sessions and workshops by mentor - Roohani Sawhney & The Impact Society team to guide you

  6. Stationery for your hacks & mentor notes

  7. Internal transfers

  8. Give-aways & gifts

  9. All permits


  1. Lunch in transit or during walks

  2. Personal meals (During walks/explorations/trails)

  3. Air/Train Travel (To&Fro) 

  4. Medical/Personal Expenditures done during the tour

  5. Any personal explorations that are not within the itinerary

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Storytelling Mentor
Roohani Sawhney
Writer & Researcher

Roohani is an expert writer and researcher who has devoted her career to exploring the tribal world. After leaving her job with IIM-A and NIF, Roohani delved into years of research on the society and culture of Ladakh, making her the perfect mentor for those seeking an unforgettable adventure. Her book, The Last Avatar, showcases her extensive knowledge of tribal studies and documents her research on 16 unique communities across India. In addition to this, Roohani has written a book with INTACT HECS on the tribes and culture of Andaman and Nicobar Island. Her move to Ladakh a few years ago to further her research has allowed her to gain unparalleled knowledge of this unique landscape and focus on exploring Ladakh's hidden treasures.

Meet your tribe on this unique journey


Dhawalika Singh 



Payal Kumar

Travel & Wedding Photographer


Amit Srivastava 

Author & Travel Photographer


Zarna Jain 

Social Leader

Akshay Bapat 

Documentary Filmmaker

Kavya Narayanan

Biologist & Science Journalist


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If you are convinced, reserve your spot with an amount of only INR 25,000/-

If you still need more details + a call from our team let us know and we will get back to you within 24hrs.

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