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A science communication and storytelling bootcamp covering climate change and local impact



Keen on learning the ins and outs of impact-led photography & filmmaking?

The Impact Photography & Filmmaking Bootcamp is a comprehensive workshop on the art of effectively communicating issues and solutions related to climate, the environment, scientific research, expeditions, and travel documentation, via the medium of photography and filmmaking.


The camp is specifically designed for enthusiasts who are passionate about building relevant narratives and telling stories to help spread awareness and create a meaningful impact on our society.


Photography & Filmmaking 

Creating awareness about climate change is the need of the hour, and one effective medium of doing this is through visual communication tools like photography and filmmaking. Films and photographs have the ability to engage us both emotionally as well as socially.

By incorporating climate change and other relevant themes into films, there is potential for the creation of a new dimension to the spread of scientific ideas by sparkling citizen interest and simultaneously inspiring audiences to further engage in broader discussions on the issue itself. 

Citizen science or public participation in scientific research is a vital tool to engage all segments of society while also further the cause of developing research data and analyses about climate patterns and impact. 

Wondering how you can be a part of a league of aspiring creators on a mission to protect the planet? 

Mentored by

Rakesh Rao

(Science Filmmaker)

A photographer, filmmaker and a science enthusiast who specializes in documenting scientific expeditions and research activities. He has been involved in several projects with his work taking him to the three Cryospheric polar regions of our planet (Arctic, Antarctic and the Himalayas) making him amongst the few documentary film makers to do so. His recent film “The Climate Challenge” won the Best Science Film award at the International Science Film Festival of India.
His work has been published in the book “90 Degrees South” and several of his photographs have been a part of international photo exhibitions, including the “Sur polar IV” held in Argentina in 2012, and the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) open science congress meeting held in Portland, USA . He has contributed for several newspapers, digital publications, magazines including National Geographic Travelers India, Sky and Telescope and several others. His works has been featured in several magazines that includes Smart Photography, Goa Today, Timeline Goa and a number of online platforms the likes of The Better India and TheVIBE.
Apart from the documentation
work, he is also actively involved in promoting and communicating scientific initiatives through filmmaking & photography in schools, colleges and other public forums across the country.



What will we cover? 







Climate Change & Filmmaking


Deconstructing issues of climate change through impact driven visual communication

Nuances of visual storytelling

This session will cover science through the medium of films & travel documentation

Fundamentals of Filmmaking

From concept to final conceptualization. Get acquainted with the stages of film production

Photography/ Filmmaking 101

Decode the fundamentals of Photography and Filmmaking, by understanding the basics.

The Art of Editing

From raw files to the final product, a lot of things happen on an edit table.

Media Pitch

Here we discover an impactful project to submit your 1st 180 SEC showreel/photo story


What will you acquire?

12+ hrs

Course Content


Full access to all episodes, live demonstrations and an open forum for discussion

Communicating science & conservation through the medium of impact storytelling, mobile & DSLR photography & filmmaking

By a celebrated photographer & filmmaker who specializes in
documenting scientific expeditions and research activities.

Get Featured

Have your very own cornerstone project and impact short-film featured on our platform.

Impact Project

Besides learning the art of storytelling via photography/filmmaking, your content will cause a shift in mindsets & create awareness on critical issues

Apply for your 1st Impact Photography/Filmmaking Bootcamp​

This specialized impact filmmaking & documentary bootcamp is designed to upgrade your storytelling, cinematography, technical knowledge, skills and personality. 

And guess what? 

The best Climate Action film/story will be featured on the official Campus Earth platform.

What is this bootcamp?

This Bootcamp is a specialized training program (online module + field assignment) for aspiring creators, filmmakers, photographers and explorers. Through this comprehensive initiative, you will gain in-depth insights on the art of short & long impact filmmaking, coupled with a formal 'Media Pitch' project, where you will be guided to submit your first 180 SEC impact film or photo story.

What is this priced at?

A nominal fee for your personal growth - this Bootcamp is priced starting at INR 4,000/- + Taxes (solo entries) & INR 16,000/- + Taxes (Group of max 5).

* Early bird prices ending in December, so grab your seat soon.


With a comprehensive course structure, experiential learning and project guidance – IT’S A STEAL! 


Find all your answers here...​

Who can apply?

Designed for aspiring nature, travel & wildlife photographers, conservationists, environmentalists, filmmakers, creators, planners and adventurers, this bootcamp is your tool to upgrade skills, learn from a science filmmaker and create your first 180 SEC short film/photo story on climate change. 

What is this bootcamp?

This bootcamp is a specialized training program (online module + field assignment) for aspiring creators, filmmakers, photographers and budding explorers looking to learn storytelling, visual narration and the art of impact driven photography & filmmaking. In this comprehensive project you will gain in-depth insights on the skills of phone/DSLR photography, short & long filmmaking skills, coupled with a 'Impact Media' project where you are mentored to travel, experience, film and submit your first 180 SEC travel video or impact story

What is this priced at?

A nominal fee for your personal growth - this bootcamp is priced at INR 4,000/- + Taxes (solo entries) and INR 16,000/- + Taxes (group entries). * Early bird prices till December 2020, so block your seat soon

What are the course contents?

This 4-week long bootcamp will be a comprehensive journey with your mentor guiding you to the last step of creation. Once your application gets through, we will send you the e-catalogue covering session details, course and timings. 

Is this bootcamp online or a field one? 

This bootcamp is a specialized training program (online module + field assignment). The online module covers great insights on photography & filmmaking and valuable knowledge about climatic change and our mentor expeditions to cyrospheric regions, with the final week covering a media pitch for your 1st 180 SEC impact/climate change film/story. The entire course is virtual, where you only have to travel around your location to document & submit your 1st impact film/story.

Do I need to be qualified/equipped to do this? Can I do this with my phone/DSLR

You don't need to hold any qualifications on this course, just carry your creative skills. This is a introductory course where we cover many aspects of phone/DSLR photography and the field assignment is completely based on your storytelling skills. It definitely works best if you have prior knowledge but do not worry, we will mentor you till the project creation stages. 

What are the event timings & schedule?

The event is scheduled in a week-long / 2 weekend formats. Our virtual sessions are on weekdays (6 pm - 8pm) & weekends from (3pm - 5pm). By the end of each session you will get hacks for your solo experiments, which you can improvise on the go.

What will I get to see/learn?

In this introductory course you will now have access to expeditions, experiences, journeys and initiatives that our mentors have undertaken in their due course of time. Course mentor, Rakesh Rao is a science filmmaker, photographer and an enthusiast who specializes in documenting scientific expeditions and research activities around the world. He has been involved in several projects and his work has taken him to all the three Cryospheric polar regions (Arctic, Antarctic and the Himalayas) making him amongst the few documentary film makers to do so.

Is this important for me?

Why not? If travel/social/wildlife/impact/climate change filmmaking interests you there is nothing as comprehensive and experiential as this for you. 

Filmmaking is also a powerful tool for impact and conservation led communication. This will not just empower your storytelling skills but also build impact across communities and landscapes.

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